Our Story

After years spent away, we felt a magnetic pull to return to our roots, seeking a life far removed from the hustle and bustle of city living. We longed for the freedom and simplicity we once enjoyed as children, and we knew that our homeland held the key to making those dreams a reality.  

Our families have considered this stunning part of the world as home for generations. And now, we are excited to share its beauty and peacefulness with you. Our land, although it was all wild and overgrown, had potential. We saw past how it was and knew it was a place where we could work together with nature to create a glamping site that really fits into this great location.  After lots of research, we found what we think are the best in luxury shepherd huts and eco-friendly soaking tubs, making it the perfect space for our guests to reconnect with nature and to enjoy an easy pace of life - even if just for a night or few.

Rann na Feirste is steeped in heritage, culture, and the melodic sounds of the Irish language. Throughout the years, visitors have been irresistibly drawn to our village, captivated by its charm.  We invite you to immerse yourself in sensory delights, revel in the great outdoors, and discover the countless wonders that this Gaeltacht region along the Wild Atlantic Way has to offer. 

You will find that you are spoiled for choice with an array of events and activities to enjoy. From local festivals, musical gatherings, and traditional fairs, to thrilling adventures like surfing, kayaking, and conquering mountains. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our history through local tours, savour the finest whiskies, indulge in local cuisine and enjoy the craic in the local bars, or find solace in yoga retreats, stargazing, and simply unplugging from the daily grind. Here at Glamping Rann na Feirste, there's an experience for everyone.

We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you and extend a warm welcome to our little piece of paradise.